Meet The Author

Hi, I’m Jen. I’m the Founder of Psychotherapy Central and the author of Heal Your Anxious Attachment. 

I wrote this book because so many of my clients struggle in their relationships with feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Many of them identify as having anxious attachment behaviours and keep ending up with avoidant or unavailable partners. This amplifies anxiety and insecurity, and it can make life very confusing, stressful and unfulfilling.

If this sounds a bit like you, then this book and all the associated 'work' is for YOU.

This book gives you the tools to release past trauma, build inner and outer secure attachment, and give you a clear pathway to cultivate a more secure relationship.

The real transformation happens when you 'do the work'. This means doing the exercises in the book. To help you with this, I have created a massive pool of resources as my gift to you. I have recorded audio versions of the meditations in the book so that you can use these as your guide for the exercises. The tables and worksheets from the book are also available as free downloads.

You are on your personal hero's journey. Know that I am here, cheering you on. I look forward to hearing about your life-changing journey towards 'earned secure attachment'.


With Love,


Jennifer Nurick

Book Resources


  • Downloadable resources that assist you with the exercises from the book "Heal Your Anxious Attachment" by Jennifer Nurick
  • 20 Guided Audio Meditations
  • Printable Worksheets and Journal Prompts

Heal Your Anxious Attachment Online Course



  • Get all the FREE resources from the book
  • PLUS 20 Hours of video coaching from the author to help you work through the content
  • PLUS 120 Page A4 Full Colour PDF Workbook with additional exclusive content and exercises

Building Secure Attachment Mastermind Group



  • This Mastermind Group is limited to the first 6 people
  • Get all the FREE resources from the book
  • PLUS The "Heal Your Anxious Attachment" Online Course valued at US$297
  • PLUS Work with Jen in a small, intimate group for 2 hours per week over 5 weeks. This is valued at US$1200. As a group, you will go deep into the healing work from the book and the course, massively accelerating your journey towards Earned Secure Attachment