"Working with your Inner Child is the most effective way I know of to improve self-regulation, change your critical inner dialogue, cultivate more self-compassion and improve your relationships"

- Jennifer Nurick

Have you ever been in a situation where you are triggered and you find yourself behaving like a six-year-old?

You know you are not being rational, but you can’t stop yourself from reacting this way. This is your inner child taking over and dealing with the situation as a child would, from a child’s perspective, with the tools and wisdom available to a child.

This kind of behaviour can be extremely destructive to your relationships, especially if this is something that you have no control over.

Does this resonate with you? If so, then you’re in the right place! 

Today I am inviting you to work with me and learn how to connect with your Inner Child and attend to their needs in a healthy way so that your authentic needs are met.

Not only have I been doing consistent inner child work on myself for over 16 years, but as a therapist and energetic healer, I’ve also helped thousands of my clients overcome a wide range of issues in their lives by connecting with and nurturing healthy relationships with their inner children.

By creating a healthy, nurturing relationship with that part of yourself that we call The Inner Child, you will learn to be with and attend to the scared and vulnerable part of yourself and at the same time, grow the loving, compassionate parent part of yourself.

In this way, you heal your original attachment wounds and develop more fulfilling, intimate and healthy relationships with others.

My Inner Child Healing Course is a repeatable healing process that’s specifically designed to help you meet and stay in touch with your inner child and inner parent and integrate new habits and behaviours. This opens you up to new possibilities and a different future, one where you are not a prisoner of your past cycles. This is one of the ways that you become a cycle breaker in your family.

By learning to reparent your inner child you are unlearning your unhelpful programming and creating something more life-affirming for yourself. As you learn to release the old coping mechanisms and beliefs that kept you safe, you start to reveal more of your authentic or soul self.

Open Yourself Up To A Different Future

Learn to attend to the authentic needs of your Inner Child in a nurturing, compassionate way and completely transform the level of intimacy you achieve in your other relationships


Everything That's In the Course

Ok, so I’m sure you’re itching to know exactly what's in the course. So here it is, all the details!

The course is made up of 5 modules and the content is delivered as a 30-page PDF workbook along with video and audio lessons and exercises! But please don't worry, although we cover a lot of ground, the content is broken up into "bite-size chunks". 

As soon as you register you will have access to the whole course to work through in your own time.


Module #1


  • Connect with your "Why" to create a compelling reason to "do the work"
  • Understand how you have developed unhelpful self-parenting behaviours up to now
  • Learn to identify the signs when re-parenting is needed
  • Learn the role that Attachment Healing plays in the Inner Child work
  • Receive a Roadmap for The Inner Child work

Module #2

Cultivating Awareness

  • What is The Inner Child
  • Do a powerful exercise to get to know your Inner Child, both as the wounded child and the nurtured child
  • Start a practice of Mindfulness to notice your thoughts and emotions as a way of connecting with your Inner Child
  • Use the Inner Child Mapping Exercise to observe the triggers that cause your Inner Child to show up`

Module #3


  • What is Reparenting?
  • Learn to give yourself the unconditional love you needed but didn't receive as a child
  • Meet your Inner Parent and begin to grow this part of self
  • Use the Wise Inner Parent exercise to learn how to reparent the triggers from your Inner Child Mapping exercise

Module #4

Meeting Your Inner Child

  • Meet your Inner Child and learn exactly how to work with her/him
  • This work is an absolutely fundamental part of healing your attachment wounding, stopping the dysfunctional cycles occurring in your relationships and breaking the intergenerational family patterns
  • Do the Inner Child Healing Meditation to consistently check in with your Inner Child

Module #5

Maintaining a Connection with Your Inner Child

  • Learn the Importance and Benefits of Staying Connected With Your Inner Child
  • Get lots of example scripts for how to meet the needs of your Inner Child
  • Get inspired with many different ways to grow this new and beautiful relationship that you've formed 

As You Can See We Leave No Stone Unturned

This Inner Child Healing Course is different to many other courses because it’s an experiential journey that combines the important psychoeducational components with invaluable tools and resources that you can use throughout your life to continue developing this important relationship with your Inner Child.


I really want to see you all successfully applying this work in your lives.

Therefore in addition to all pre-recorded sessions, meditations and exercises listed above which you will be able to complete in your own time, I am also including two additional bonuses!

Here's what else I'm including:



  • You'll have ongoing support from me as you work your way through the course
  • Type any questions you have about the course content, the exercises or anything that's coming up for you
  • I will personally respond to your questions
  • Learn from the questions that others are also asking



  • You'll get a beautiful, print-quality "Monthly Reparenting Chart"
  • Use it to remind yourself what your Inner Child needs to hear
  • Print it out, fill it in and post it up in your kitchen, bedroom or office to keep you connected to your Inner Child
  • Print out a new version each month and see what comes up for you as you grow your relationship with your Inner Child


If you’re feeling called to join me on this journey then now’s the time to take action.

You can get started right now by registering for The Inner Child Healing Course Course.

You can join the course today for a one-time investment of US$97

Open Yourself Up To A Different Future

Learn to attend to the authentic needs of your Inner Child in a nurturing, compassionate way and completely transform the level of intimacy you achieve in your other relationships



Once you’ve registered you’ll be prompted to create a username and password to give you immediate access to the platform where the Inner Child Healing Course is hosted. You can get started straight away and work through the course at your own pace. You will have unlimited access to the course material and videos so you can repeat this course as often as you want and you will always be able to refer back to the videos.


I can’t wait to meet you and go on this journey together.

With Love,

Jennifer Nurick

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions? Email me at [email protected]

Important Disclaimer

You are unique. You have a unique history and a unique environment, and so of course, your healing journey is also unique to you and your current circumstances. Therefore it’s not possible to guarantee that everyone will experience the same results from The Inner Child Healing Course. There are so many factors that determine the level of impact this work will have on your life, the biggest factor being your own level of commitment to do the work, to really look at your “stuff” with honesty and integrity and to open yourself to the healing journey.

Also, please understand that working with me in this course is not a suitable replacement for therapy. If you feel that you need to see a therapist then please do so.

Here's What I Guarantee!

Ok, now that’s out of the way, here’s what I can say:

Working with your Inner Child is the single most effective way that I know of to improve self-regulation and self-compassion which will ultimately impact ALL of your relationships in your life. Period.

guarantee that if you choose to work with me on this program that I will show up, I will bring my best self into this process, I will be there to guide and support you every step of the way and we’ll go on this journey together. 

And, if you turn up with the same level of commitment as me, then you will benefit immensely from the experience.