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Are You Ready To Become a Cycle Breaker?

 All of us are in relationships. We have our family of origin relationships, we have our friendships, work relationships, our intimate relationships, and, the most important one, the relationship with ourselves. It's that relationship that dictates the quality of your inner talk, the way you see yourself in the world and the way you treat yourself

Over the past 16 years, working as a therapist, counsellor and energetic healer with thousands of clients dealing with a wide range of issues, I’ve seen two very common threads.

The first is that for many of my clients, it’s in their relationships where they experience the most pain from the issues they’re working on.

When you’re in a toxic relationship or even just an unfulfilling relationship, this creates an incredible amount of anxiety and stress in your day to day life. Conflict in relationships can be highly draining because your life force is trapped, and it’s exhausting.

Secondly, whether you are fully aware of it or not, there are often patterns, repeating cycles of behaviour that either keep you in unhealthy relationships or that pop up from time to time and sabotage the level of intimacy you're able to sustain in your relationships.      

It’s for this reason that I created The Cycle Breakers Circle which is my unique, repeatable healing process that’s specifically designed to help you break the cycles in your life and integrate new habits and behaviours. This opens you, and your entire family line, up to new possibilities and a new future, one where you are not a prisoner of your past cycles. The impact of becoming a Cycle Breaker is massive and that’s why I would love to have the opportunity to work with you to break the Cycles in your life.

Open Yourself Up To A Different Future

Learn to use the Cycle Breaker Circle process of DISCOVER, HEAL, GROW to break out of pattern-repeat and create a deeper level of intimacy in your relationships


Everything That's In the Course

Ok, so I’m sure you’re itching to know exactly what's in the course. So here it is, all the details!

The course is made up of 6 modules and in each module there are multiple lessons. There are 35 lessons in total! But please don't worry, although we cover a lot of ground, the content is broken up into "bite-size chunks".

Module #1

The Cycle Breakers Circle and Attachment Styles

  • Learn all about what it means to be a Cycle Breaker
  • Understand the process I use, The Cycle Breakers Circle
  • Identify your attachment style and how it shows up for you in your intimate relationships - this is a GAME CHANGER
  • Shift from self-criticism and a feeling of ‘what is wrong with me’ to a place of understanding and compassion
  • Begin to change your attachment style to become more securely attached - this is a really exciting part of the course
  • Together we form a coherent narrative about your life, you get clear on why things are the way they are and what the repeating cycles in your family are

Module #2

Creating Secure Attachment

  • We go deep into the attachment healing work
  • Discover the workings of the mind, specifically a part of the brain called the reticular activating system - this is super important to contextualise your behaviour
  • Create and embed new, more life-affirming scripts about yourself, others and the world
  • Learn research based methods of working with the mind using CBT based practices
  • Reconnect with your body - this is so important for any healing process
  • How to heal attachment wounds with a therapist and in a secure relationship

Module #3

The Mother and Father Wounds

  • Discover your mother and father wounds AND gifts
  • Understand what your ‘core wound’ is
  • Finally realise the impact these fundamental relationships continue to have on you and your expectations in relationships  - this is fundamental in your healing journey
  • Practice validating YOUR experience and understanding how and why some of these patterns repeat in your current relationships
  • Master an amazing practice for regulating your nervous system

Module #4

The Inner Child and Reparenting

  •  Continue the healing work through the Inner Child and the Reparenting process
  • Meet your Inner Child and learn exactly how to work with her/him
  • This work is an absolutely fundamental part of healing your attachment wounding, stopping the dysfunctional cycles occurring in your relationships and breaking the intergenerational family patterns
  • Re-connect with the essence of yourself and learn to become attuned to yourself in a way that your parents may never have been
  • The Inner Child is also a way to connect to your authentic needs before you have a 'tantrum' or become passive aggressive
  • Discover 'the antidote' to your core wound!
  • Get my Inner Child Meditation included free!

Module #5

Compassion and Acceptance

  • Connect with your inner reservoir of self compassion and use it to heal your addiction to self-criticism and self-judgement
  • Practice turning towards your pain, rather than avoiding it, burying it or numbing it
  • Get a powerful practice to cultivate the inner compassionate observer
  • Learn the practice of compassion and how it sets you free from your cycles

Module #6

Boundaries, Needs and Assertiveness

  • Explore the world of internal and external boundaries and why they are so important

  • Connect with your authentic needs and validate those needs yourself

  • Connect with your subconscious through the body to hear yourself more deeply and more authentically

  • Learn exactly how to communicate your needs and boundaries and how to be assertive rather than passive or aggressive

  • Bring the changes you’ve experienced in the previous modules into the world with skill and grace

As You Can See We Leave No Stone Unturned

The Relationship Cycle Breaker Course is different to many other courses because it’s a holistic process that includes the body, mind and spirit, moving through the stages of Discovery, Healing and Growth.

Many other courses just give you the Discovery part. But just learning new information doesn’t create transformation. Learning is extremely important but it’s not enough. So this course is not just going to be hours of abstract theory. This course will be a journey, an experiential process. 


I really want to see you all successfully applying the Cycle Breakers Circle in your lives.

Therefore in addition to all pre-recorded sessions and exercises listed above I am also including four additional bonuses worth $3,494!

Here's what else I'm including:

BONUS #1 WORTH $1,800 *


  • You'll get 12 x 1 hour Group Coaching calls with me; one each week for the 12 week duration of the course
  • That's 12 hours of live coaching from Jennifer Nurick
  • Bring your questions to the live sessions and we can work through them together
  • Further integrate the course work into your life
  • We'll go deeper into the topics covered in the course for that week
  • The Live calls will be recorded so you can rewatch them or catch up if you're not able to attend



BONUS #2 WORTH $1,500


  • The forums are restricted to course participants only
  • Get access to me on a daily basis
  • I’m personally going to be very active in the forums, answering questions and guiding you through the content
  • You'll be in this awesome community of like-minded people who are all committed to breaking cycles in their lives and improving their relationships
  • In my experience, the connections my students make with each other in these community forums is invaluable and so many lifelong friendships have been created through these communities
  • You’ll also be learning heaps from the journeys that your fellow Cycle Breakers are on



  • Discover cycles that have been passed down through your family line
  • Explore the spiritual and energetic dimensions of these cycles and their impacts on you
  • Open to some truly fascinating discoveries and shifts
  • This is a process that comes more from my teachings as an energetic healer and is my gift to you



  • We've curated the most inspirational and most popular tiles from the Psychotherapy Central Instagram page related to Cycle Breaking
  • Beautifully presented on A4 pages 

  • Print out the tiles that you resonate with

  • keep them pinned up somewhere so you can see them regularly


Ok, that’s a total of $3,494 of additional value that I’m including as a thank you for joining the program and also to ensure that I do everything I possibly can to make this a richly rewarding experience for you.

So, if you’re feeling called to join me on this journey then now’s the time to take action.

You can get started learning and applying the Cycle Breakers Circle and finally break the cycles of unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships in your life by registering for my Relationship Cycle Breaker Course.

Open Yourself Up To A Different Future

Learn to use the Cycle Breaker Circle process of DISCOVER, HEAL, GROW to break out of pattern-repeat and create a deeper level of intimacy in your relationships


Hear From Others Who Have Done This Course

Edward - The Netherlands

"I bumped into Jennifer and the Relationship Cycle Breaker Course through her Instagram. Each of her posts just made so much sense. I realized I had to take this opportunity and invest just a few more weeks in myself. The course is quite a ride! Jennifer covers so much ground in just under 2 months. Most things resonated with me, such as getting in touch with my inner child (whom I had been neglecting for almost 36 years), understanding that I did experience trauma (albeit not in the obvious sense), finding out that my parents were also in this cycle, but didn’t manage to get out. It’s been liberating and it’s only the start. The course comes with many resources and many pages of course materials, that enable me to keep growing and learning. I’ve set aside weeks in my calendar for later this year, to revisit the materials and see where I can make a next step. Never before have I been in therapy where I’d get reading materials, time to reflect on my own, time to discuss with a group and Jennifer during live calls and time to really get to find the solution that works for me.

The biggest thing that hit me was that I’m allowed to be myself and the only person that can help me find happiness is my inner child."

Cheyenne - New Zealand

"I grew up in an unsafe home environment where there were various forms of abuse. My Mum was physically absent and I therefore grew up with my Dad but he was emotionally unavailable. I had to grow up pretty quickly and I learned from a young age that I couldn't rely on my guardians to care for me, protect me and meet my needs. What led me to joining the Relationship Cycle Breaker programme was the fact I became aware of repeating patterns in my relationships that I wanted to change, but didn't know how.

Initially, I was scared but that quickly subsided once we started because I was immediately met with other people going through the exact same learning process. We had a safe space where we could share our experiences and be vulnerable. The healing and shifts that took place within me were profound and powerful and I'm so glad I invested into this course. Jen is such a compassionate teacher, her soft-spoken voice will help guide you with an open curiosity, like it did with me.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone else that's thinking about taking the next step in their healing journey and wishes to bring a new level of awareness into their daily lives"

Alice T. - Canada

"I spoke to my mother for the first time in 8 years last week. For years, I have been furious with her about my childhood. I have been unable to access any compassion or understanding for her. During this course, I was able to stand in her shoes and for the first time I felt compassion, which caused me to reach out. I don't know where that connection will lead me, but I know my heart is clearer and I feel happier than I have in a long time. For me, this is a monumental shift. Thank you for creating such a transformative course, it has changed my world."

Jennifer Trute - Australia

"The Relationship Cycle Breakers course is absolutely amazing. I have found the work very early on in the course has enabled me to gain incredible insights into past traumatic childhood experiences, an understanding of how these experiences have impacted me in my life and how they have occurred. The live group sessions are fantastic and the materials, workbook and videos for each module are very detailed and easy to follow. Jen provides tools and resources along the way to heal past traumas and she provides so much encouragement and support to everyone along the way. Jen has also incorporated energy work into the live sessions to assist healing which has been wonderful and has been life changing. She provides recordings of the energy healings to use afterwards when needed. I have enjoyed every second of this course and look forward to every module. I couldn't recommend this course and Jen high enough!"

Open Yourself Up To A Different Future

Learn to use the Cycle Breaker Circle process of DISCOVER, HEAL, GROW to break out of pattern-repeat and create a deeper level of intimacy in your relationships



Once you’ve registered you’ll be prompted to create a username and password to give you access to the platform where the Relationship Cycle Breaker course and the Cycle Breaker Community forums are hosted. 

You will be able to start the course content immediately after registration.

You will receive also welcome email with lots of valuable information. Therefore, please make sure that you add our email address [email protected] to your contact list and check your junk mail folder to ensure that you're receiving our emails. You will receive a weekly email from me as we go through the course to help you along your way and to remind you of the live group coaching dates.

The number of students that I accept into the group and one-on-one coaching programs is extremely limited and places are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Once the class is full, registration will be closed. Therefore, if you want to do this work with me, please don’t hesitate. Take action and let’s get started. Just click on the button below and register. 

I can’t wait to meet you and go on this journey together.

With Love,

Jennifer Nurick



  • 24/7 Access to all the course content for 12 weeks (6 Modules, 35 Lessons, 4 Resources to keep)
  • Access to Jennifer Nurick through the Cycle Breaker Community Forums
  • BONUS Intergenerational Cycle Breaker Module ($97 value)
  • BONUS Cycle Breaker Compendium ($97 value)



Strictly Limited Places



  • 6 x 1-hour LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Jennifer Nurick
  • 24/7 Access to all the course content for 12 weeks (6 Modules, 35 Lessons, 4 Resources to keep)
  • Access to Jennifer Nurick through the Cycle Breaker Community Forums
  • BONUS Intergenerational Cycle Breaker Module ($97 value)
  • BONUS Cycle Breaker Compendium ($97 value)



Strictly Limited Places



  • 6 x 1-hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Jennifer Nurick
  • 24/7 Access to all the course content for 1 Year (6 Modules, 35 Lessons, 4 Resources to keep)
  • Access to Jennifer Nurick through the Cycle Breaker Community Forums
  • BONUS Intergenerational Cycle Breaker Module ($97 value)
  • BONUS Cycle Breaker Compendium ($97 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions? Email me at [email protected]

Open Yourself Up To A Different Future

Learn to use the Cycle Breaker Circle process of DISCOVER, HEAL, GROW to break out of pattern-repeat and create a deeper level of intimacy in your relationships



You are unique. You have a unique history and a unique environment, and so of course, your healing journey is also unique to you and your current circumstances. Therefore it’s not possible to guarantee that everyone will experience the same results from The Cycle Breakers Circle. There are so many factors that determine the level of impact this work will have on your life, the biggest factor being your own level of commitment to do the work, to really look at your “stuff” with honesty and integrity and to open yourself to the healing journey. Therefore, Psychotherapy Central does not provide any guarantees as to the outcomes that your participation in this course will deliver.

In addition, your participation in this course is not a suitable replacement for therapy. If you feel that you need to see a therapist then please do so. If you are currently working with a therapist then please consult your therapist before registering for this course.

Here's What I Guarantee!

Ok, now that’s out of the way, here’s what I can say:

The Cycle Breakers Circle is the most holistic, integrated way that I know of to break repeating cycles of behaviour in your life. Period.

guarantee that if you choose to work with me on this program that I will show up, I will bring my best self into this process, I will be there to guide and support you every step of the way and we’ll go on this journey together. 

And, if you turn up with the same level of commitment as me, then I believe that you will benefit immensely from the experience.