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EP4 - Disorganised Attachment Explained



In this episode, you will learn everything you need to know about the disorganised attachment style, including:

  • How disorganised attachment develops
  • How disorganised attachment shows up in relationships
  • The need for connection and simultaneous fear of connection
  • The struggle to self-regulate and self-soothe
  • The pattern of chaotic relationships



Heal Your Anxious Attachment by Jennifer Nurick

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Here’s a video explaining IFS to kids, it’s a great, simple explanation:

A powerful book on IFS, by the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D. is called No Bad Parts, get it here:


My Podcast episode on Internal Family Systems (IFS):


Podcast - in this podcast Tim Ferris interviews Richard Schwartz Ph.D. on IFS: 


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