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Ep 12 Intergenerational Trauma (Legacy Burdens) and IFS Therapy



Have you ever noticed a belief or thought that you have on repeat that doesn't seem to fully come from your own biographical history? Like always being afraid of losing all of your money when that has never happened to you, but you know that it happened to your grandfather, who later entered a deep depression? These are examples of legacy burdens. In this episode, we explore intergenerational trauma, trauma that is passed down through your family line and how IFS can work to heal the burdens carried through the family line.

Jennifer Nurick is a licensed psychotherapist, IFS practitioner and energetic healer.

This episode covers:

  • An overview of what intergenerational trauma is and how legacy burdens are created
  • Examples of intergenerational trauma
  • Five ways trauma can pass through a family
  • Symptoms of intergenerational trauma
  • A personal story of intergenerational trauma healing.


Extra Resources:

Here’s the link to my podcast episode explaining what IFS is:

A powerful book on IFS, by the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D. is called “No Bad Parts”:

It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn (Author):

Intergenerational transmission of trauma effects by Rachel Yehuda and Amy Lehrner

Podcast - In this podcast Tim Ferris interviews the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D.


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