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EP 14 Six Reasons You Are Attracted to Avoidant or Unavailable Men



Have you ever felt frustrated at yourself for choosing yet ANOTHER unavailable partner? Maybe he is married or lives in another state or country. Maybe he is dating you, but seems to be married to his work, his mother or friends. Or maybe he is living with you but is emotionally unavailable, leaving you feeling deeply alone in your relationship. Whatever the situation, here you are again with yet another unavailable partner, wondering if it is you or just bad luck.

In this episode, Jen distils the research into relationships and unpacks the six main reasons why women with an anxious attachment adaptation will often be attracted to men with an avoidant attachment adaptation - some will be a surprise!



Heal Your Anxious Attachment by Jennifer Nurick

To learn more about avoidant and anxious adaptions - listen to Episodes 2 and 3.

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EP 2 Avoidant Attachment Explained

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Geher, G. Perceived and actual characteristics of parents and partners: A test of a freudian model of mate selection. Curr Psychol 19, 194–214 (2000).


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