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Ep 21 Suicidal Thoughts Through an IFS Lens



1 in 6 people have serious suicidal thoughts in Australia, with the “lifetime prevalence of suicidal thoughts ranging from 64% among cisgender men to 90% among non-binary participants and 91% among trans men.” (AIHW, 2023). Suicidal thoughts often cause a lot of distress to your inner system. Through the IFS (Internal Family Systems) lens, this is called a ‘suicidal part’.

In this episode, we cover;

  • What IFS therapy is
  • How suicidal parts form
  • The two different types of suicidal parts
  • How suicidal parts are often hated by other parts
  • How suicidal parts are trying to help
  • Mistakes many therapists make when contracting with suicidal clients
  • How to work with a suicidal part



Here’s a podcast explaining IFS - Ep 5 What is IFS Therapy?


This episode helps you to identify the Self in IFS therapy - Ep 07 The Central Role of the ‘Self’ in IFS Therapy.

A powerful book on IFS, by the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D. is called “No Bad Parts”:

Podcast - in this podcast Tim Ferris interviews the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D.


Some of the statistics for this podcast came from the Australian Government.

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