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EP 11 - Inner Child Healing in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)



Have you wondered what all the fuss is about the Inner Child and why so many therapists go on and on about it? Have you wondered what the inner child is and how to take care of this elusive part of you?

In this episode, we unpack inner child healing using the IFS model with Jennifer Nurick, psychotherapist, IFS practitioner and energetic healer.

This episode covers:

  • How you have many inner children
  • How your inner children get triggered and what that means
  • How you can become blended with your wounded parts
  • How to effectively care for the wounded parts
  • How to bring healing and resolution to deeply wounded and hurt parts


Extra Resources:

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A powerful book on IFS, by the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D. is called “No Bad Parts”:

My Online course to help you Meet Your Inner Child and form a healthy, secure relationship with this part of you:


Podcast - in this podcast Tim Ferris interviews the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz Ph.D.


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