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Ep 32 Do You Worry Too Much About Your Children?


In this episode of Psychotherapy Central your host, Jennifer Nurick, dives deep into a topic that resonates with every parent: worrying about our children. We all experience it, but when does normal concern cross the line into excessive worry? Jen explores this important question, providing insights and practical strategies to help you manage your worries.


In this episode of Psychotherapy Central, host Jennifer Nurick delves into the topic of worrying about our children, a concern familiar to every parent. Jen explains the nature of worry, emphasizing that it is a natural part of parenting, but also explores how Western culture often sends mixed messages about parental worry, suggesting that excessive concern can indicate unhealthy attachment. She helps listeners identify the signs of excessive worry and offers practical strategies for managing it.

The episode also provides you with a free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) worksheet designed to help parents effectively work through their worries. Tune in to gain valuable insights and tools to prevent worry from becoming overwhelming. Also, remember to check out the free CBT worksheet linked below.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Worksheet: 5 Steps to Help Managing Parental Worry

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